Character Design / Daniel, Elias & Susana

Character Design: Daniel, Elias & Susana

A Life in Three (so far) Characters

Some of us artists end up over time designing cartoon characters that eventually become our artistic alter egos, our “paper kids” if it fits better. These are mine.

Daniel is the oldest of them all. I began drawing him circa 1995 when I was still at the University of Costa Rica. The Lord Fauntleroy-esque hairstyle, the odd red sports suit — it all came together almost instantly. I picture him as a 9-year old wisecracking, street smart, outgoing yet well-meaning boy who acts first and thinks second way too many times, which usually gets him into trouble.

Elias is Daniel’s best friend, a year his junior, maybe because he’s the yin to Daniel’s yang. Elias is your typical nerdy boy too sage for his years, an introvert, almost zen-like type who has an elaborate answer for everything. Everything that isn’t what Daniel excels at, that is.

Susana is the latest newcomer to the gang. She can be as temperamental as Daniel so they clash more often that they would admit. However she’s got a soft spot for fair causes like ecology, global warming, animal rights and equal fairness for all. She lives with an older sister from who she’s taken a lot of personality cues.

One of my perennial dreams has been to create an ongoing comic or graphic novel series with them. I did one briefly in 2011 but has been put on hold, with exception of two episodes available on the Comics section of this site.