Illustration / Je Suis Charlie (Spirou magazine)

Je Suis Charlie for Spirou Magazine

Background story on the illustration

In January 2015 the world was shocked at the French satiric magazine Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks, killing most of their cartoonists on staff. Being a straight attack to freedom of expression, many cartoonists around the world reacted shockingly and artistically.

Some years before I had visited Belgium and got captivated with both the country and the work of surrealistic Belgian painter René Magritte. The idea of parodying Magritte’s The Key Of Dreams came quickly. Soon thereafter I was told the Belgian comics magazine Spirou, where many of my favorite artists have been published, was accepting submissions for a special commemorative number. I sent my parody in and some weeks later I got a copy of the magazine in the mail. And for sure it was published (I still was signing as Obert back then). Being Belgians, they were probably touched by the Magritte nod. It still remains one of the highlights of my illustration career.