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Custom Design, Critiques & Analysis

Alongside being an illustration artist major, I have also been a Web and User Experience designer and developer since 1997. After more than 25 years working on these fields for many companies around the world, I now want to put my knowledge and experiences available to the people I care most about - creative professionals looking to thrive, because I'm one too!

Is your web site working for you?

These days, setting yourself up an online presence is rather easy - you don’t even have to know code to get by. However, just being there is not enough. You are but a lost needle in a gigantic haystack where the biggest and loudest seem to be the winners… or are they? Ask yourself:

  • Am I reaching my career/business goals?
  • Are clients/art directors/editors able to find you on Google?
  • Does your website's image correspond with that of your professional self?
  • Is your website's navigation intuitive enough to go anywhere on your site?
  • Is your content easily reachable, optimized and serviceable?
  • Is your website responsive (optimized for small screens)?
  • Are you prioritizing the right subjects for you in your online presence?

If you have already set up your stake on the web but are not seeing the results you want, I can help you address these issues. My goal is to deliver you a solid, useful investment that will pay back itself many times in the long run.

What do you get?

You need a good guide to get there!

Your own personalized website analysis in a PDF document where I analyze your current website and point out, among others:

  • Your current strengths and weaknesses
  • Your social media integration
  • Where are you doing okay… where you could do better… and how.
  • And an action plan to take your online presence to the next level, where I suggest next steps based on your feedback

Still unsure? View a sample report.


Don't take my word, but that of real industry leaders in Latin America and abroad.

"[Alberto] is a great professional with lots of experience... someone who understands the context of modern technology and its challenges in the region"

Christian Van der Henst
Co-founder, Platzi

"Every single time i got amazed at a new UI (...) Alberto ends up being part of that development. I cand stress how much i admire his work."

Mariano Amartino
Americas Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups

"[Alberto] is a well rounded professional and renaissance man. He has it all: artistic talent, street smarts, business understanding and eloquence."

- Andrea Tanzi
Business Innovation Senior Principal, Accenture

Get Your Custom Website Report

As of June 2022, I am still polishing up the document and pricing details of this service. However, if you want to be notified when this service becomes available AND get a 20% advance discount, drop your e-mail below!